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August, why are you so hot? And not in a sexy sexy way, but more like sweet laurd I'm melting! Updates for this month currently include the semi launch of my writing site, found here and Kate and I are available for tea parties. This latter thing is not something I actually saw in my future but here we are planning our first one for October. I've taken on most of the duties of The Attic Shoppe Trading Company so I've been pretty busy keeping that lovely beast ticking. So though my blog here has some hiccups in posts just know I'm still about and busy with my shoppe. ;)

July - We're on our way to Detroit for the first Motor City Steam Con in Livonia. If you happen to be attending you can find me with my Attic Shoppe table as well as the Orange Moon Tea Society with my friend and tea partner Kate. I'll have all my tarot decks, books, prints, and some brand new spirit boards. And tea! Lots and lots of tea.

May! My birthday month. Taurus and proud? ;) Anyhoo, an actual update: I'm creating a steampunk/neo-Victorian inspired deck of playing cards for the Motor City Steam con coming up this July. I will be a guest artist of honor at the event. Each suit features its own style and coloring and the face cards are portraits of very interesting characters in our tri-state (and a few from beyond) steampunk community. You can see the deck as I create it here. More info to come.

It's been quite a bit since having anything to update on my site. Been recovering and settling into my new home in Ohio. I've been working mostly with my editor to get my current fiction ready for publication and gearing up for convention season. That and taking great pleasure in binge watching Jessica Jones and Daredevil with my gent in the comfort of our very own home. That's been heavenly. Hopefully next update will be much more exciting. I just felt 2016 needed to be somewhere on this front page finally. ;)

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October: My current seasonal project: Collage art as a Halloween,
autumn and the macabre inspired tarot. Info can be found at the Attic Shoppe.

Halloween Tarot

It is August now and I've been a bit light on the updates on my site. Sadly this is due to some particularly unhappy stomach surgery I underwent at the end of July. I'm currently in healing mode and moving at a snail's pace. I'm looking at a very lovely autumn though. I was asked to do a tutorial feature for Somerset Digital Studio magazine's Fall issue (available in September) featuring my Black Cat & Poisoned Tea Society artwork. I also have my second Lenormand style deck almost finished that I will begin posting a new card each day here shortly on my blog. And more stuff, of course, because... I seriously never sleep. Except for right now. Right now sleep is my second home because I'm enjoying some exceptionally lovely pain killers. At least for a few more days. And then back to the real world. September edit: You can pick up a copy of the mag here.

I've begun a tea project with my local ladies. It features unique tea flavors based around the Orange Moon Tea Society, a tea collective that is apart of my Snapdragon Tea fiction. The project includes the stories, related artwork, tea, and a new bat-centric Lenormand deck I created called the Tea Bats Lenormand -based upon the Mad Hatter quote "Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you're at! Up above the world you fly. Like a tea tray in the sky." from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. You can see posts for the society in my blog here, meet the society at orangemoonteas.com and view the deck here.

It's taken me a few years to get the original Black Ibis tarot rebooted and add the long promised minor arcana to it, but I've finally done just that. And I do believe it looks smashing. The deck is small in size, packaged in a sturdy tin and has a companion book of brief card explanations. It's being offered through The Attic Shoppe Trading Company throughout the summer. You can get your own copy here.

The Isidore Tarot and I had the extreme pleasure of being featured in the Spring issue of Somerset Digital Studios Magazine. You can see samples of my spread and pick up your own copy here.

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